RocREI’s interactive platform is the brain child of our founder James Graham.  Jim has decided to do something that has never been done before… Share EVERYTHING he has with other investors who are serious about real estate investing & looking to grow their REI business.

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To Hear His Story, Why He Developed This Amazing “Members Only” Real Estate Investment Community For You, The Rest Of His Loyal Determined Clients, Friends And Family!

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James has decided to take his 29 yrs of Real Estate Investment success knowledge and pour it all out to the public inside of his Members Only Interactive REI Community.  He’s giving away all his Never Shared before Trade Secrets, His closely guarded Personal Network & Resources to include:

  • His Private Lenders,
  • Access to his Personal Virtual Assistants,
  • Website Developers & Programmers,
  • Mentors, Mastermind Partners,
  • Private Buy & Sell Marketing Techniques,
  • Proven Marketing Tools,
  • Personal Multi-Million Dollar Deal 2 page Contracts,
  • Wholesale Assignment Documents,
  • Multi-Million Dollar Real Estate Trust “Fill-In-The-Blanks” Document; and…
  • …Much, Much, More.

Get What’s Working for Him!

His vision is to give others what he wishes he had when he started, which are Real Insider Resources that investors were actually using to achieve success for themselves.  Today it seem everyone wants to have a training program, forum or call themselves mentors… But NO ONE ever really shares access to their most valuable resources that make everything work for them.  Like their real trade secrets, access to live deals that others can watch to either see how their really getting done or opportunity to be a part of for so they can earn as they learn… Access to their personal go to guys & their network of friends who also have their own strategies, secrets and resources that work for them that they are also willing to share.  He realized that if most new and seasoned had real access and a mindset to share what they had also, the learning curves would be significantly reduced and possibilities would be endless.  That’s what he wants for his members.


Competition Mindset Stunts Growth… It’s Wrong!

Somewhere along his many years of investing in real estate, Jim was taught that he must have the Competitive Mindset which was that order to always keep the edge over his competition, he should never share certain trade secrets and to keep certain resources very close to his vest.  More recently, James has realized that This Was All Wrong!  The greatest successes that He’s had over the years has been because of others sharing with him & biblically he’s been taught that it is better to give that to receive.

Under the Competition Mindset he sees so many up and coming investors being taught good real estate principles but when it comes to getting deals done they are unknowingly left spinning their wheels because they are brought to a certain point then left figuring out the critical things for themselves.  Like where to get money, where to find properties, how to find and work with buyers and sellers, when and where to get websites and automated tools that are really working that not going to cost an arm and leg and cut into the funds they have to invest, how to do no money down deals, when is the best time to quick flip, wholesale or hold on etc.  Between what Jim shares and what his mastermind members share inside the platform there’s no more spinning your wheels, no more guessing…. Because everyone helps & gives back, not just him.

James’ truly understands and believes that God did not bless him with his financial & business gifts nor the mysteries of Christ to keep them to himself but to give them away.  That’s what he’s committed to doing that both in his Online Members Only REI Community and In Life through his Heart For Homeless Ministry.

So if you are new investor or seasoned investor who want to grow and/or accelerate your growth by skipping past the trial and error, Let’s Eliminate The Competition!  LET’S SHARE!

Who’s Welcome Here?

Everyone Is welcome! As long as you aren’t looking to abuse the system or the resources and are willing to give back, you are invited to join.


Question: What does giving back mean?

Answer: Simply willing to contribute for the benefit of the Roc REI Community.  If you are a beginner or an Intermediate investor and you feel like you have nothing to give… That isn’t true.  If you post a relevant question inside the forum that gives someone the ability to answer and give back…  You have contributed.   Once the question is answered, other members who have the same question can now go to your question and get the answer that they needed along with a valuable resource that I or one of our other members may share.

QuestionWhat is considered abusing the system?  Not using the system for yourself to move forward.  Just joining and not doing anything with your own career.

Answer: The bible also tells us the story about the wicked slothful servant who buried his talent in the ground because he was afraid to lose it.  That slothful servant’s talent was taken from him and given to the other servant who multiplied his talents and had more to give back!  Don’t just get comfortable with getting in and having access… Get Involved!


QuestionWhat’s the best way to get started?

Answer: Its really up to you but everyone is no at the same level and ready for everything yet.  If you start as a beginner you will have more than enough access to people, information and resources to get started with something in your area.

If you are an intermediate and are looking for more advanced strategies and resources to take your income to the next level then take a look at the intermediate – Rising Stars Membership

If you are a very advanced investor and want to be involved with really giving back to the community by sharing your successes with others.  You’ll have the opportunity to do so with our Master Mind Membership.   You’ll not only be able to share your answers and strategies in our forums like Jim’s other advance inner circle friends and partners but  You will also have the opportunity to surround yourself with other advanced, like minded successful investors in our closed door, master mind online sessions via video and phone.

So once again everyone is welcome, everyone has something to offer and much more to receive.

Let Share & Build This Community Together!