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It doesn’t matter if you’re just starting out,
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ROC Jumpstart Is The Ultimate Training Ground For Real Estate Investors

Here’s what you’ll get inside

  • Community Access where you’ll get to pick the brains of seasoned real estate investors and learn 10x faster than just doing it on your own. You also get to learn from the experiences of other realtors from every level of expertise, see what works and what doesn’t so that you can implement it in your business.
  • Done-For-You Real Estate Income Strategy Blueprints that you can use over and over again to get your well-deserved ROI and scale your business.
  • Real-Time Joint Venture Opportunities For Real Passive Income. Our aim is to help you work smarter – not harder. With the opportunities provided inside the Intermediate and Mastermind group, you make money even when you sleep in your bed at home.
  • Still a new when it comes to real estate investing? Our Success Guides will walk you through the right path to take. It’s a compilation of proven systems that work to help you make real estate investing a success for you.
  • Contracts Library Access. Now you have one place where you can look for ready-made contracts for flipping, wholesale real estate investing, rent to own, lease options, seller finance, and buy and hold investing.
  • Closed Door Mastermind Online Sessions. We help take your income and lifestyle to the next level by giving you regular access to phone or video sessions with seasoned and successful investors to help redesign and tweak your business.

The Ultimate Training Ground + Helpful Community for Real Estate
Investors with Time-Tested and Proven Resources


How do I become a part of ROC Jumpstart?

We offer three options all with LIFETIME access to the ROC Jumpstart program.


Features Made for Beginners Made for Rising Stars Made for the Advanced
Success Guides
Nationwide properties
Total success video library
Contracts Library Access
RocREI Community Access
Done-For-You Real Estate Income Strategy Blueprints
Real Time Joint Venture Opportunities for Real Passive Income
Regular Closed Door Master Mind Online Sessions Via Phone, or Video with Other seasoned, Successful Investors to Redesign or Tweak your Business to take your Income & Lifestyle to the next level!